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AdvantEdge PodCast

Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude

DrJohnK September 30, 2014

Technical aptitude alone is insufficient Jimmy Connors, winner of 109 professional singles tennis titles says “There’s a thin line between being #1 or #100 and mostly it’s mental.” In his well-researched book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman shows that it’s our attitude more than our aptitude that determines our altitude. Whilst […]

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Career Tips

The Great Delusions of Networking

DrJohnK September 4, 2014

The great delusions of Networking M. Scott Peck in ‘the road less travelled’ starts: “Life is difficult”. What is most surprising, is that, for many people, this is a revelation! Go to any business networking event, or meet a potential client – especially during the current economic situation and they […]