All Coaching programmes utilise our unique and powerful AdvantEDGE leadership development process. EDGE stands for Encourage, Develop, Guide and Empower.

AdvantEdge Leadership Development Coaching in the Flipped Classroom

Unlike other, more traditional coaching providers, ours is a Flipped Classroom approach. That is, we'll partner with you to design a development programme that suits your people and your business drivers and is very much focused on bringing results for both your people and your business.

In the flipped classroom, coaching is both individual an in small working groups. The focus is putting the learning into practice through live projects and every day work situations. Support is paramount and between live or virtual sessions, our AdvantEdge Coaching System provides the resources, tracking and community of support that learners want and need.

Dr John Kenworthy is a maker and breaker of moulds. Dr John loves to teach others, he knows that there is no such thing as a “standard” set of instructions or curriculum for everyone. He sees people as a series of exceptions, and his genius is figuring out ways to capitalise on these exceptions, to break the mould as he moulds them. He is pulled by each person's unique style of learning, and if this means tossing out the textbook and finding a different way to help someone learn, then so be it.

Dr John thrives on improving performance one person at a time, where the team predominantly technology led (i.e. geeks, nerds, scientists and engineers), and where the need for change is urgent and unbounded.

Dr John has worked with many S&P 500 companies and has logged over 18,000 hours of leadership development coaching. He is based in Singapore and we have a team spread across the five continents to support our clients as best as possible. Training and coaching is conducted in English. We can use translation effectively and we are happy to develop local support coaching partners within partner organisations.

We are exceptional good at working virtually and utilise technology that enhances learning and development that our clients love to use. We would rather save our time and your money by travelling less and developing your people more effectively.